Monday, June 6, 2011

Playing at the mall...

This weekend, we had planned to take Eva to the pool again. Unfortunately she was really feeling up to that with her ear infections and we went to the mall instead. Love Cherry Creek mall!! They have the best play area for kids. Eva loves staring at all of the kids and had a really great time!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


We are so lucky that my mom watches Eva everyday while we are working. But, Eva is getting to the age where it will be good for her to be around other kids. So we decided that she should go to daycare twice a week. Also gives my mom a little bit of a break! 5 days in a row with that kiddo is a lot! 

So last Thursday, Eva went to "Shell's Little Nuts" in home daycare. This is a pic of Eva the morning of her first day of "school."

Happy enough for now, little did she know what was going to happen!!!

And this is a picture from today...she had a trip Urgent Care for a high fever, nasty cough and 2 ear infections. I know they say kids get sick all the time when they go to daycare...but geez, is it possible that she is ALREADY sick??? Poor baby!!

I swear she is sick here! Can't tell from that big smile! 
For those of you curious, the first 2 days of daycare were pretty rough on all of us, Eva, Drew, myself and even, or especially, Gramma! It looks like she was probably getting sick before she went there, so I don't think that helped her get used to the place any. We will see how it goes when this Thursday rolls around...hopefully she is feeling a little better by then!! 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Eva's Dedication

So I have decided not to apologize anymore for not blogging on a consistent basis. Things have been so hectic around here and I just have not been good about getting to it. Would like to promise to be better, but we will see!

Over Memorial day weekend we decided to do a welcoming/dedication for Eva. Neither Drew or I claim to be very religious, but we wanted to do something special to welcome Eva to our family. We were lucky enough to have Drew's dad and sister drive out from California and my sister, brother in law and nephew fly out from South Carolina. Together with our family and close friends, we officially dedicated ourselves to Eva and welcomed her to this world (even though she is already 10 months old!!!)

Our ceremony included Irish blessings, Native American traditions and readings, Buddhist letters, child stories, letters from family, poems from friends. Of course, it also included a lot of crying from Eva. I guess this kind of thing happens at baptisms all the time, but sheesh! She just didn't want to cooperate. Nonetheless, it was a special day and we thank all those involved.

We took every opportunity to make the most of having our family out here over the weekend! We visited Idaho Springs and went Beau Jos pizza, we had several BBQs, we went to Boulder for the Memorial Day festival, we all had Sunday brunch together, we celebrated Sam's 2nd birthday and we took Sam and Eva to the pool...first time for Eva! It was definitely a whirlwind of a weekend, but so wonderful. We miss our family daily, wish they were closer but cherish the time we do get to spend with them!

Drew and I starting the dedication...everything is ok at this point

Gramma reading her blessing

Grandpa Carl reading his letter...tears involved here. 

Grandpa Ron and his speech

Eva, Sam and Carter playing afterwards.


The Wimers!

The Hargroves'

Aunty Vern

Aunty Jen

Vern and myself at brunch

Gramma, Grandpa and Uncle Andrew leaving brunch. 

Eva and Sam at the pool

Eva loves the pool!! 

And the fountains in the pool. 

Kurt (Veronica's bf) and Drew-toasting corn dogs at the Memorial day fair

Everyone at brunch. 

The view from brunch at Simms Steakhouse

Sam opening his gifts at his b'day party. 

Our present to Sam! 

In Boulder...taking a break.