Friday, January 20, 2012

Christmas is over... (fyi-I started this blog on 01/05!!)

...and I can finally take a second to sit down and blog! The decorations are put away, there are no more Christmas sweets in the house, the Christmas lights are still hung up outside, but they aren't turned on. All in all, that is kind of depressing since I love the holidays, but Christmas can't come again next year until it is over this year, right?

On Christmas Eve, my parents, brother, sister and brother-in-law gave us a NEW CAMERA!!! I am beyond excited and obviously we are still learning how to use it! It was just an awesome surprise and the best gift because now we can finally get some good pics! We took over 700 for the holiday alone! So, I am going to document Christmas here mainly with a bunch of pics (I promise not all 700!!)

Eva waking up Christmas morning...I think I was more excited than both Mot and her for Santa's visit!

A little milk with her FAVORITE monkey before opening presents.

Going downstairs to take a look at the presents for the first time.

Hey...this isn't half bad!!!

Mot getting in on the action...doesn't he look thrilled?

Eva's new towel and Daddy making her laugh!

Wow...rocking out with Elmo! 

Once Eva opened her book, she was not interested in the rest of the gifts! She loves to read!

Beautiful Colorado day for Christmas...sun and a little snow on the way to my parents house.

Peanut getting in the spirit

Gramma made a Sock Monkey blanket for Eva (or Drew??) 

Grampa got Eva a sled!

Mot was apparently a little cold...needed a new sweater!

Drew being, well, DREW!

A kiss under the mistletoe with my love.

Me madre and myself. 

My bro, Andrew...same shirt as holiday tradition. 

Grampa making the ginormous prime rib!

Poor old Thor being forced into the Christmas spirit.

Hard to believe Christmas has come and gone. It is my favorite time of year and was a total success this year. 

Happy new year to all! Hope it is good to you! time!!!!!