Sunday, October 31, 2010

Eva's First Halloween!!!

What a FUN 1st Halloween that Eva had!!! A busy weekend that included getting her ears pierced, carving pumpkins and going to my friend Colleen's Halloween party! Eva was certainly tuckered out when we put her to bed tonight! And of course, me being me, she had a few Halloween outfits. She wore one yesterday (Gramma and Grandpa gave her this one), one today and then she had her real Halloween costume!

Hope everyone had a super spooky night!!

Eva had her ears pierced yesterday. She did great, except for a few minutes of heart-wrenching crying! Of course, I cried too...much like I did when she got her 2 month shots. I had to ask myself what the heck I was thinking. I can't stand to see my baby in pain, yet I was inflicting it on her! But she was a trooper and she looks so cute (not that she didn't before of course!!)

So we have abandoned our Shutterfly website and opted to do a blog instead. This way, we can update daily if we feel like it and anyone or everyone can keep up to date with us! So much happens on a day-to-day basis that it is hard to capture it all in one monthly update!

I was inspired by my friend Dawn's blog. It is the best and it certainly keeps me interested! Up until we had Eva, it was kind of hard to keep a blog going...I just didn't have that much to report on. But now...we have Eva, our princess...and the pugs of course!

So hopefully y'all enjoy the blog! Here goes...