Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother's Day - Part 2

My first Mother's Day was so special and wonderful.  All three of my "kids" wrote me a letter telling me how much they love me. Daddy probably helped them of course and I am so thankful to him-he made m cry.  And then I opened my gift...a spa gift certificate and a beautiful, engraved picture frame. It is so special and really symbolizes everything that I feel as a mother. For the longest time, I said no kids for me. Thank goodness I didn't stick with that thought process because being a mother is the absolute best thing I have ever done. There are really no words to describe how my life has changed in the last 9 months...well really before that when I was pregnant and carrying my beautiful baby girl.  I look at her with amazement and when she looks back, she melts my heart. I am sure every mother in the world can say the same thing about their children. All I can say is that I am so blessed to be a mom. I hope I am as good of a mom as my mom and I can only hope I do good by Eva. 

Mother's Day - Part 1

I have the most amazing mother. That pretty much says it all...don't need many more details or descriptions...I simply have the most amazing mother. She is talented and kind and generous...just so wonderful. I am blessed to have her as a mother, a friend, a confidant and now, a really awesome Gramma!

We spent the day before Mother's day together, sans the boys and the baby. Just the two of us. We sat in traffic for an extra hour or so (thanks to the GPS) and then we got to the gardens and wandered around and  had lunch and just a really nice day out in the beautiful weather.

Eva is 9 Months Old

Can you believe it?? Unfortunately, taking her pictures now are a little more difficult then the first 8 months, as you can see...

This is the best one I took...and it is just not that good. 

And as you can also see, the previous 8 months were a little more successful...

Tooooo Long...

Let me begin by saying that I have been an awful blogger lately. I have been so busy at work and when I get home and put Eva to bed and then do a couple of chores...I am beat and the last thing I want to do is get on the computer. I have a list of things to blog about, starting with the summer weather we have been having and the fact that Eva and the pugs love their new pool! Last weekend it was so beautiful the mid 80's so on Mothers Day we went out to enjoy the sun. I have to say that baby girl is pretty damn cute in her little swimsuits. And the dogs, well the pretty much tried to take over the pool. But all there had a good time chillin' in the pool. And then, the next was snowing. The pool has been put away for the time being. Crazy Colorado weather! 

Enjoying the sunny weather...

 And dealing with the cold, rainy and snowy weather...

Friday, May 6, 2011

I give up...

Let me just begin by saying that I am very, very, very frustrated!!!

So when we bought this house, there were no screens in the windows. This was rather irritating and we tried and tried to get the seller to replace them. Why the heck they were missing in the first place, who knows. I guess probably because the house was built in 1977 and still has the original windows. Guess the screens didn't fair as well.

Several weeks ago, during one of the first Colorado warm-ups (before it decided to snow again) the house was getting warm and I wanted to open the windows for fresh air. But, alas, no screens. So we went to Lowes to buy some. Well little did we know that Lowes AND Home Depot don't sell pre-made screens. No biggie...they sell the supplies to make them yourself! Yeah!! So we bought all the stuff and the nice man told us how to do it all and gave us a pamphlet. On the way home, it started raining. Even though I wasn't going to open the windows immediately, I decided that I would get a start on them. I made the screen for the front window and it looked great!!! Until I tried to put it in the window that is. Apparently I don't know how to measure and it was too small. I was so frustrated that I have not worked on it since then.

Today, it was almost 80 degrees and apparently when my mom put Eva down for a nap, she woke up because it was so warm in the room...and of course my mom couldn't open the window with no screen in it!!  Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer...opening the windows will be a must!

I made a screen for Eva's room, but I can't test it because she is sleeping. I also made one for our room...AND IT IS TOO SMALL!!!!!!!!!! Somehow I measured wrong again. And I was super careful this time. WHAT THE HECK??!?!?!?!

I am now spending my time blogging about how frustrated I am instead on making any more screens. I have also googled people who make screens for you. Sometimes trying to save money is just not worth it!!!

Now...I am going to bed and will cross my fingers that the screen for Eva's room fits in the morning.

Who said that being a home owner was easy? They lied!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Eva loves her Motley and Motley loves her!!

Many of you might know that Motley is the original baby in our lives. Before we got pregnant, Motley (and then Peanut when we were lucky enough to adopt her) filled up our lives! So as you can imagine, I was very nervous when we knew we had a baby coming. In fact, the day I was induced, we took Motley and Peanut to my parents and when we left...I cried the whole way down the mountain. I was so nervous that Motley would be mad at us or something so silly. All of my fears have been beyond calmed now that I see Motley and Eva together. He is so patient with her as she pulls his ears and his paws and his fur and his harness.  He just sits there and lets her do what she wants. I am thinking that maybe, when she bends down and gives him a kiss out of the blue, it must melt his little puggie heart just like it does mine!!! my camera needs to be replaced...sorry for the blurry photos! You get the jest...

Smiley Baby!!!

We went to the park today and I got this picture!!! 
It is 100% too cute (in my opinion) to not blog it!

And look at the bow in her hair...her hair is getting long enough for a barrette!!