Saturday, February 4, 2012

Meeting Baby Ben


Welcome to my new nephew, Benjamin Arthur Cox!!! Born January 30th. 6 pounds, 11 ounces, 193/4 inches long...and amazing!

Last Friday, I decided at the last minute to fly to North Carolina with my dad and surprise my sister, Brian and Sam. My mom was already there! Eva did a really great job on both flights on the way to NC.

When we got there, they didn't seem super surprised, but were happy (or at least I thought so!!).

We waited with great anticipation for the baby's arrival...all day Saturday, all day Sunday, all day Monday-until Jen and Brian finally went to the hospital and welcomed their new little boy!!

Luckily, we had a really fun time as we waited! We played at the park and in the backyard-the weather was beautiful! Sam and Eva had sooo much fun together!!! It was really great watching them play together...Sam took Eva "hunting" for the kitties and played cars, dinosaurs and super heros with her (Eva = tom-boy??). He kept referring to her as "just a baby" --super cute! He is so funny! I love him...and Eva does too!!

Playing on the 777 on the way to Chicago.

Wasting no time, playing with Cousin Sam as soon as we got to his house.

Sam in his awesome hat with his awesome dinosaur!

The kids reading with Gramma and Grampa

Heading to the park...she put her glasses on herself (can you tell)?

Cool park on post at Fort Bragg

Having breakfast at the table-first time Eva has eaten at a table like this!

Playing on the slide in the backyard - great pic right?

My babies! 

Back at the park...Sam sliding

Grampa working out with the TRX system at the park

This may be one of my favorite pics from the weekend.

Jen and Mom...waiting for baby

Whoo hoo...swinging

Crazy hair! This is what happens when Eva manages to take out her pig tails

Correction...this may be my favorite photo of the weekend. Sam hugging Eva.

Grampa and Eva

FINALLY....Welcome BABY BEN!!!
Hello little guy.

Sam meeting Ben...who he calls "My Baby"

Ah, sweet, sweet baby

Proud Auntie

Sleeping like a baby :)

Gramma and her newest little Sweet Pea

Hmm..what is this little thing?

Grampa and Ben
Very Interesting
 We love you BEN!!!

Time with Daddy

Eva is definitely a real "Daddy's Girl"...and I have been able to get some really good pictures of the two of them together! 

It is so fun to see how much Drew adores his little melts my heart! Eva has moved from calling Drew "Da" to now saying "Da Da Da Da."

FYI...she does say "Momma too"!!

Eva is also into being naked lately!!

Nose Kisses!

Reading with Daddy on Christmas morning. 

Brushing teeth with Daddy

Eva was pretty sick here...she fell asleep on Daddy while he was
reading to her...poor baby!

Eva's Funny Faces

Recently, Eva has really discovered the different expressions she can make. She is too funny and we CANNOT help but laugh every time she makes one!!! 
Sticking out her tongue.

"Rotten Face" #1

Have to include a smile pic...she loves looking at herself in the mirror. 

Hard to see...but this is "Monster Face"

"Rotten Face" #2

Sticking out her tongue again...she is really into this lately...
but it is not so much fun when she tries to kiss you!

A visit with Aunie Vern

Over New Years weekend, Auntie Veronica (Drew's sister) came out for a visit from the bay area in California. It was a really nice weekend with her! We were able to spend some quality time with her, shopping and cooking and watching movies. She and Drew got out and went skiing. It was a relaxing weekend...we weren't on the go the entire time, but were able to hang out (and force Drew to watch the first 2 Twilight movies!! 

Motning everyone! 

Opening presented with Auntie

Oooh, Eva likes Auntie's new bracelet. 

Hanging out watching Twilight

Thanks Auntie Vern for coming out to visit! We love you, miss you and can't wait to see you in March!!