Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Birthday... my brother ANDREW!!!!

It isn't often that, as adults, we take the time to thank the people we have in our lives...simply for being a part of them. I guess birthdays are a time for that. My brother and I have not always had the closest of relationships, but it is easy to see that as the years tack onto our lives, we mature and learn that blood is thicker than water and that the bond that siblings share eventually outgrows pettiness and matures into the strongest of friendships. So, now that it is my brother's birthday, I am finally taking the time to thank him. To thank him for being a good son and stepping up to help when help is needed. I am thanking him for being a good uncle...for spoiling Eva and Sam and being the "cool uncle." And I am thanking him for being a brother, who, although we may not speak often, I know he is there for me and my family if the time should ever come. I am proud to be able to call him brother.

So Andrew Devon Hargroves - here's hoping you have an amazing year as a 27 year old!!!

We love and miss you!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

8 Inches...

...of SNOW last night (C'mon--don't be thinking dirty, this is me writing the blog, not Drew)!!!

Anyway, it snowed last night...and then it was sunny today. Crazy Colorado weather! But it was warm enough to bundle Eva up to take a walk with the pugs. Mot loves the snow, when it isn't actually snowing, but just on the ground. He runs through it like he used to play in the sand at the beach in San Diego. Peanut, well, she pretty much stays on the areas that have been cleaned off. All in all, it was nice to finally get outside and get some fresh air. The negative 10 and 15 degree temps last week didn't make us want to go out and frolic in the snow!

p.s. - Eva kind of looks like a little boy in her UCLA snowsuit, that is waaaay too big for her! But it kept her warm and cozy...she even fell asleep on the way home!