Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Pugs and the Dentist

Eva had a doctor's appointment today and the pugs had a visit to the vet!! We knew they would probably suggest that Peanut have her teeth cleaned again. She had her teeth cleaned when we first adopted her about a year and a half ago. The $1200 bill included the removal of 9 teeth at that time. Sure enough, a teeth cleaning is in order!

Motley went to the vet because we thought he might have a slight ear infection. Unfortunately, he does. Also, unfortunately, he has a cracked molar!!! There is a good chance that his tooth could abscess into his eye socket!!! Really?? So he will be going to the dentist too!!!

Poor little pugs!! But soon enough they will both have minty fresh breath!

Why do 6 months shots hurt more than 4 month shots?

Poor baby girl had her shots today. Three shots in her little hammies! Poor girl! After the appointment, we went home and Eva slept for 2.5 hours. But when she woke up, fussy, fussy, fussy. Her poor little legs are bruised! This didn't happen last time! Last time, she was just fine...after a couple doses of Tylenol. Not so much today. I gave her a bath and afterwards, when I tried to put lotion on her, she screamed...and I mean SCREAMED when I touched her legs.

Her she is chillin' before her appointment.

Eva had great fun crinkling and ripping up the paper on the examination table. Totally kept her occupied until the mean lady with the needles came in (a.k.a. the really, really nice nurse)!!

I was going to take an after shot, but the poor baby was screaming and had real tears. Drew was holding her and I was doing everything in my power to not grab her right out of his arms. I think he could see that I was in agony waiting to hold my baby and he offered her to me. I just wanted to make her feel better! After several minutes, she calmed right down and fell asleep...just in time to put her in the car seat. And it started all over again! Poor kid!!

She is now sleeping peacefully and I am crossing my fingers that she will feel 100 times better tomorrow!

We are officially HOMEOWNERS!!!

So we bought a house. I honestly can't believe that the deal is done! But we signed all of the papers yesterday and the keys are ours! Cannot describe how excited we are! We have spent the last 6 years moving on a yearly basis...from one apartment to another. The idea of having a home for Eva and a backyard for the pugs is so great! The pugs have not been to the house yet...but tomorrow is the day! And it is going to be a beautiful day, perfect for the dogs to play around in the grass!

We were actually looking for a place to rent...and somehow, we got hooked up with our mortgage broker, Kelli (A-M-A-Z-I-N-G) and our real estate agent, Pam (also A-M-A-Z-I-N-G)!!! We put an offer on one of the first houses that we was a no go. Those people were nuts and wanted full asking price + the buyer paying all closing costs. We liked the house, but not that much! We were a little disappointed, but Pam found about 22 more houses for us to look out and we found the ONE!!!

Our house is a beautiful 1977 remodeled tri-level with a big ol' backyard. It is move in ready, other than a little bit of color on the walls here and there, so we can move our stuff right in, start enjoying it and start planning the first party! We have the whole month of February to move out of our apartment and into our new home.

Eva and her new front door.

Eva and her new kitchen.

Eva looking out at her new backyard with her Daddy.

Eva in her new bedroom.

Eva in her new bathtub.

Any and everyone is welcome to come visit!! We will keep you updated on the housewarming!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


...with Peanut in her crib! Don't worry, Peanut doesn't sleep in the crib with her.
This was purely a photo op!

Happy Birthday... Drew's sister Emily!!!

We hope you have an amazing day and
wish we could all be there to celebrate with you.

Love you!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dinner with Friends

Saturday night, a bunch of us got together to celebrate Michelle's birthday at Rock Bottom Brewery in Downtown Denver. We were lucky enough to have Jenny, our friend from San Diego join us!

So nice to see everyone and get together with bunches of folks. Good food, good times and good people!!! And of course, Eva got passed around!

The birthday girl and Eva...better get used to holding a baby Michelle!!

Sarah getting some baby time in...preparing to be an auntie!!

Kristen and Carter--he is getting so big!

Jenny and Eva...move back for SD Jenny!!

Poor Carter wearing Eva's bow...I don't think he is a fan.

Carter and Eva...still boyfriend and girlfriend.

Roy and Eva...look at his face!! Soon to be Grandpa!! Yay!!!

Big Girl Bath

Time to retire the baby bathtub...she can sit up in the tub all by herself. Although, she is a little slippery. She has leaned back too far just once before I could catch her, but I think she kind of like laying in the water!!! However it scared momma, so this will not be a regular occurrence.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy Birthday... one of the most amazing, beautiful, kind and generous women I know. I am beyond blessed to have know her since high school and I look forward to raising our kids together, planning thier weddings together and growing into old ladies together!

Michelle...I hope you have a wonderful birthday! I love ya girl!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Eva Loves Her Pugs...

...and I think they love her too!!

A Little Rice Cereal Goes a Loooong Way!!!

Ever since Eva was born, she has been a pretty good sleeper. Well, maybe not really. She is a very light sleeper, so we have to have the fan blasting in her room so she doesn't hear us moving around and wake up. But she has really been pretty consistent from the get go with only waking up once in the night to eat.

Well recently, after talking to my friend Jenn, who's baby has slept thru the night since the very beginning it seems, and my friend Jamie, who's baby is about 3 months old and sleeping thru the night and then reading my friend Sarah's blog, which stated that her baby that is about 2 months old is sleeping thru the night, I decided that it is high time for Eva, 5 and half months old, to have a good 8-10 hours of sweet slumber. Granted, I can't really make up her mind for her to do this, but I figured I could have a say in it!!

While we had a pretty good routine every night, we have switched it up and made it a little more strict. Carrots, peas or sweet potatoes at 7 pm, bath at 730 pm and bottle in her quiet and dark room at 8pm. AND--we have been adding rice cereal to her last bottle of the evening. The doctor had suggested doing this way back when Eva's acid reflux was pretty bad, but we could never get it to work because her bottle would clog up...if I went to a bigger nipple size, she would just choke. So I gave up...until Jenn (who must be doing something right since her baby is 7 months and has been getting the long nights of sweet slumber from the beginning!!) suggested it again. And, she told me about the variable size nipples. Hooray!! After a couple of nights of Eva learning how to use the new nipples, she drinks away and falls asleep in the process.

The first couple of nights, Eva woke up around the time she would normally wake up for her bottle...but we gave her the paci, and out she went. Now it has turned into just waking up here and there, most of the time fussing herself back to sleep. The only problem we are encountering is that Eva moves around in her sleep...A LOT!!! She sleeps in her Woombie...this magical creation that is similar to a swaddle, but not near as tight because she doesn't like that anymore. Just zip her into it and she is good to go. Now that she is rolling, within minutes of putting her down, she is on her belly. And throughout the night, she somehow she scooches up to the corner of the bed, but she can only move one direction...and can't back up. So she gets stuck and cries!! I never know if she is crying just because she woke up and needs to cry herself back to sleep, or if she is up against the crib and needs help moving back. So, I think I am getting up pretty often anyway. But at least they are quick trips to the nursery and then back to bed for me.

So far, sleeping thru the night is a work in progress...but going well!!!

Hark...I hear the baby crying. Good morning Eva!!!

p.s. if anyone can suggest a good video monitor, I am all ears!! That way, I will know, without crawling out of bed whether she is stuck or just fussing!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Winter Morning Walk

Last weekend, temperatures were in the single digits here in Colorado. This weekend, a little warmer at about 50 degrees. So we thought we would take advantage of the sun and go for a nice walk in the crisp winter air.

We bundled Eva up in her bumble bee cozy coat and her lady bug sunglasses (because after all, it is Colorado and it doesn't matter how cold it is, most of the time it is sunny!) and we headed out! The pugs enjoyed themselves, we enjoyed ourselves, and Eva, well she must have enjoyed herself because she fell fast asleep in her stroller!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy 65th Birthday...

...Aunt Sandy!!!

We hope you have a wonderful day and a great party!!!

Stick her in the dryer...


Seriously, Eva is getting waaaaay too big. She is rolling around like crazy and sitting up without falling over (unless she is tired) and bouncing like mad in her exersaucer. Where have the past 5 months gone? Where is my cuddly little, tiny baby??

I guess I can't complain to much...because she is so darn cute! But still, watching her get bigger is bittersweet. I love the way she smiles to moment she sees a new face (again, unless she is tired). She is starting to giggle when you tickle her, she loves to have her feet massaged (spoiled already), she loves gnawing on her Sophie giraffe, she loves sleeping in her Woombie. I know before long, she is going be cutting teeth and crawling and the walking and talking and before you know it she is going to be getting married! Ugh...time flies too fast!!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Play Date!!!

This morning we went to see Lyndsey and Coleton. Coleton is simply the cutest 2 year old ever!!! He is so sweet--kept hugging and kissing Eva and telling me to take her jacket and socks off. He is so fun. Thanks Lyns!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

5 Months

As of New Year's Eve, Eva was 5 months old...already! Where does the time go???

Sorry for all of the blog posts tonight...I had some catching up to do!!!

Eva has a boyfriend...

Eva and Carter sitting in a tree...K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!!

Well, maybe it is a little early for that, but I do have to say that Carter would be a great match for Eva! Carter was born 5 days after Eva and is just the cutest little boy ever!

I have known Carter's mom, Kristen, since junior high and it is so great that we had babies so close to each other! And I think the kids are really starting to like each other! We went to Kristen and Kevin's house for lunch on Sunday ( a delicious lunch of lasagna, salad and cupcakes!!!) and the babies spent some quality floor time together. It was so nice to spend time with the Tulk family and Michelle and Simon too!!

Thanks guys...let's start planning their wedding :)