Monday, March 28, 2011

It is warming up...

...and we have been able to go out and about for some walks.

Last weekend I decide to brave it by myself -- meaning, I took a walk with Eva and the small feat!!

We walked to the park that is about a block away from us, around the park, over the bridge and along the river to the house where the residents feed the ducks. These people have a farm feeder for chickens in their backyard that borders the river. Eva and Mot liked watching the ducks! And then we wound around the neighborhood back home. It was a great hour in the sun with my 3 kids!!
Mot is so photogenic!

Peanut gets tired pretty easily...good thing she can catch a ride!

Eva was having a great time!!! All smiles!

It was a long long that Mot needed to catch a ride too!

Gramma has been taking Eva on daily walks is one of her pics!

My 2 Front Teeth

I would like to post a blog here about my daughter's shiny, new additions...aka, her 1st, 2nd and 3rd teeth.

However, the stubborn little thing refuses to show them to anyone! We get a glimpse every once in awhile when she is chewing on her spoon and I feel them when she bites down on my finger, but that it is about it.

So until she is willing to give up the goods...don't expect any pictures of the pearly whites!!!!

Happy Belated Birthday to... Brother in Law Brian!!!

Sorry I am late with the post! We hope you had a great day! Can't wait to see you in May!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

St. Patrick's favorite day of the year...

...I love, love, love St. Patrick's day! I am not 100% Irish, but I fully embrace what little Irish blood I do have. My name is Erin afterall -- which means "Ireland" of course. It has forever been my dream to go to Ireland. I am still dreaming!!

This past weekend we had a little taste of the Emerald Isle when we took Eva to the St. Patrick's Day parade in Downtown Denver. We dolled up the baby in her best green attire and headed downtown, found a great spot near Coors Field and enjoyed the sights. Granted, it was 10 am and there were drunken folks wandering around the streets ...must have been tapping into the green beer already, but for the most part, it was good clean fun--a beautiful day, some bagpipes and Celtic dancers! So much fun!!!

It ain't a parade without a pug!

...and for all inquiring minds, next year for St. Patrick's Day, instead of going to the parade, we will be getting MARRIED!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Little Man!!!

Happy Birthday to Motley from his Daddy.

Oh, all the memories we have with this little guy. Hard to believe this cute little pug is now 5 years old!!!!

My boy is the biggest trooper, and easily the best companion I could ever ask for. In these past 5 years, he has lived in 3 states, twice as many apartments, and numerous long distance drives all over the Western U.S.

Without getting too lengthy, I simply want to say "I love you Mot! There have been times when you were my rock and my driving force, when you never even knew it. Unconditional love is personified with you and I love you forever. Happy Birthday Little Man."

When asked for comment, Motley simply said...."Duh! Winning!!"

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Birthday... MOTLEY!!!! (aka...ItsaMot, Da Yittle One, Monk-a-monk, Monkey, Motza ball.....the list goes on and on)

Motley is 5 years old!!! Oh how I love this little pug...such unconditional love and happiness he brings to our lives. And the best part, he and Eva and Peanut are all growing to love each other so much.

Congrats... my MAIN man Drew!!!

He was offered a new job at CNA Insurance and starts on March 21st. So excited for and proud of him! CNA is a commercial and business insurance company and he will be a Material Damage specialist. He is little bummed that he will no longer be able to come home and see Eva and the pugs at lunch, but the benefits outweigh the negatives!!!

Good Job Babe!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A long time... has been a veeeerrryyy long time since I have blogged. But I promise, it is for good reason. We just finally got wireless up and running here! That, in itself, is story to be told at a later date! Since my last blog on February 13th, a great many things have happened!!! So I am updating y'all now!!!

First of all, it was Eva's first Valentines day!! And while she looks happy in this picture, she was actually suffering from a mild case of RSV...and while I say minor, to me, it was major and major equals awful! Poor thing was up allllll night coughing and crying and lethargic and not eating anything. But, after a couple days, she was back to her normal happy self.

Meanwhile...the pugs had their own medical issues to deal with. They both went under and had their teeth cleaned and the BOTH had to have a tooth pulled. Motley's tooth ended up being a little more compacted then they originally thought, so the vet had to dope him up on more morphine. When Mot got home that night, he looked like a drunk little pug! He swayed when he walked, couldn't make it onto the couch when he tried to jump and even walked into the table leg! Poor guy. I am happy to report that both pugs have healed up quite nicely and seem to be doing just fine.

And of course, while all of this was going, we were finishing up packing for our move into the house! We are officially 100% moved in now. Unpacked--well that is a different story. But we are here. I must say, that I am struggling a bit with not being completely unpacked, with everything in it's place and pictures hung where they should be. But, we do have a couple projects that we are working on in order to be able to unpack everything. We are adding more cabinets to the kitchen and hopefully a pantry too. And we are planning on getting a new bedroom set. We sold the queen bed set to my brother and bought a new mattress, which is currently sitting on the floor until we get the new furniture. And the clothes are strewn all over the room, since we only have one dresser and that is just NOT enough for both of us! But slowly and surely...we are getting there. It is a little different moving somewhere new...and trying to get settled in, when you have a baby in tow!

Now...for a couple missed birthdays...

Happy 1st Birthday to Ellis...

I can't believe you are already 1 and I have not met him yet!!! Hopefully very soon I will get to meet this cute little guy.

Happy Birthday to the OFFICIAL OLD MAN!!! My Uncle Chris...who is not only one of the greatest uncles ever, but a very close and dear friend! I love and miss you!

Happy Anniversary to two of our very best friends!! Jennaaaay and Jason (aka Buttermilk)! We miss you guys sooo much! Hope you had a great day together in the San Diego sun!

Congrats to my good friend Lyndsey and her husband Chris on their 2nd little boy Cooper...he is amazing!!

And of course...Happy 7 months to my baby girl. She is officially over half a year old! Drew is already planning her first bueno! I want her to stay tiny, even though she is really a lot of fun now!

Ok...I am very sure, almost positive, that I have missed something. I will definitely keep track of my thoughts and update you as we go....