Sunday, September 11, 2011


On Friday night Drew and I were watching a tribute to 9/11.  I realized, as I sat there crying, that the emotions that I felt on that fateful day are still raw and indescribable. As many of you, I remember watching the horrific events unfold...I remember all of the smoke, the ash covered faces of terror, the blood, the unimaginable realization that our country, our safe haven was under attack. I don't think we realized just how America's history was shifting and changing right before our eyes.

The day after 9/11,  I went to work...for United Airlines. As many of you know, I grew up with United in my life as my dad worked there for as long as I remember. When I got to the airport, the only way I can describe the feeling is eery. It was so quiet, but the automated recordings that we all normally tune out seemed to echo thru the terminal. The planes were all pushed back from the gate-almost as if they were in some sort of quarantine. The only people we saw were those of us that were wearing uniforms. We sat in the  break room, staring at the TV, waiting to hear the news that the planes were allowed to take to the sky again, we held hands, we cried, we sat in silence, we felt like our worlds had been attacked on a personal level. And I think, we all felt a certain thankfulness that we were safe. And then we felt guilty for feeling that way as so many Americans were suffering with loss and fear, panic and pain.

This morning, as Eva laid in bed with us, I realized that someday, I will have to explain to her what happened on that day. She will never know a day where you could go to the gate to meet your loved ones exiting from the plane. She will never know a day where 9/11 wasn't in her history books. She will never know a day where you do not have to take your shoes off as you proceed thru the airport. She will never know 9/11 to simply mean an emergency phone call or just another day in September. But she will know, no matter what I have to do to teach her and show her, that for a brief time in American history, the country came together, the walls between conservative and liberal, the barriers between democrats and republicans dissolved and we were all simply Americans. We were joined to honor the fallen heroes of that day, we vowed to stand up to the enemies that had preyed on our vulnerability and stole the innocence of our children.

I ask myself if we have changed. Life has gone on. We all struggle daily with the economy, with bills, with high gas prices and health care. But I can't help but feel somehow blessed that we have these difficulties to endure, because so many people who perished, will never have the chance to go thru those day to day activities.

The first plane to land at Denver International Airport after 9/11 was a United flight. Many of us were there to watch the weary passengers and crew members exit the plane. As much as I will never forget seeing the United plane fly into the tower, I will never forget the faces of those travelers. At once terrified, but victorious as life began to slowly return to what has been referred to over and over as the post 9/11 world.

May we always remember that day, the tragedy and the triumph, the fear and the victory. May we teach our children to honor those who lived and saved and those who sacrificed their lives. Each year, as we approach the anniversary of this day, may we come together, as Americans and thank God that we live in this amazing country, thank God for the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Viral Pneumonia

There is nothing that ruins a day faster than being told that your daughter has pneumonia. Other than watching her feel so incredibly crappy...high fever, cough, runny nose and some sort of thickening membranes in her lungs. 

That was is a little better...tomorrow-will be WAAYY better!!

And thus it begins...

...the unofficial start to the football season seems to make it's appearance in our house sometime in the middle of the summer. It starts slowly with ESPN being on the TV a little more and "Football Guys" websites always being up on the computer. Then I soon begin to find lists of various football players around the house. Then, I continue to go to bed at a normal time while Drew stays up "studying" for his fantasy football drafts. But, I really know that football has arrived the weekend of the Texas Fantasy Football draft!! Every year, for the last several years (long before I was around) Drew has spent a weekend with the "boys" for the draft in Texas. He missed it last year because the draft was held about 3 weeks after Eva was born. 

This year...Eva and I made the trek to Texas with Drew too. It was Eva's first flight and she was such a trooper! And it was my first time meeting most of the football guys that I have heard so much about. It was a really, really great weekend and I am so happy that Eva got to meet Drew's special friends, who are now mine too! 
Getting excited for my very first plane trip! 
I have my blankie and my pug...what else do I need? 

A little drinky-drink before we board. 

Nothin' like riding the escalator for fun!

A plane ride just isn't the same without a little 'Sky Mall' 

Here we go.....

Hanging out with Brittany!! 
Yes...I am having a spectacular time!

A trip to Texas is not complete without a golf cart ride. 

Madison helping cook some chili...yum!

Madison taking care of Eva for us. 
Breakfast with the boys. The won't look up from the menus because
they have not eaten in the past two days...busy with drafting and all.

Maddison and Emma...I miss those girls!!! So sweet...and great babysitters!

And this was the last picture of the trip! I think it tells it all. Football, fish fry, food and friends (and maybe a little wine too). Does it get better than that?? 

Happy Belated Birthday Momma!!

As always, I am late on this one!!! But it doesn't make it any less special or important. We were out of town on the actual day and we have been running crazy since we got home on Tuesday...but better late than never, right?

Happy Birthday Mom!! 

Thank you for all that you have done for us, all that you continue to do for us. Our lives are so much richer because you are a part of them. You truly are an amazing and talented, caring and special woman. Jeniffer, Andrew and I have been blessed to have you for a mom. Eva and Sam and Baby Cox #2 are lucky to have you for a Gramma! 

Here's to many more special birthdays!! Enjoy your trip to Miami!