Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Snowy Day

Yesterday a snow storm hit Denver...lots and lots of snow!!! We have about 18 inches outside (of course I am guessing because I have not dared to venture outside yet)...but we are up, Eva is having her warm milk, sitting in her chair, cuddling with her blankie and cat in the hat ( a recent addition to her plethora of toys-will be explained in a later blog) and watching Curious George.

I figured that now would be as a good a time as any to get caught up on some blogging!!!

So I will start with Eva and Drew's snow adventure yesterday! Of course it only lasted less than 10 minutes, but let me tell you, Eva really loves the snow! Drew can't wait to take her skiing when she is just a bit bigger and I bet she will love it! I think we are going to try to go sledding tomorrow. Will take more pics then!!!

All bundled up to head outside!

Hanging with Daddy...snow is coming down!

Hey...this snow is kind of hard to walk in. 

Sitting in the snow...EATING the snow! YUM

Silly Daddy

Taking a ride on Daddy's shoulder

Hey this is kind of fun!

She kept face planting it...on purpose! It was sooo funny!

Okay...ready to go in. It is cold out here!!

All in was a successful trip for our little snow bunny! Will probably go out again today...because, there is a lot of shoveling to do out there! Although, our really, really awesome neighbor was snow blowing our sidewalk yesterday! He may have that really bad RV in his backyard (you can see it from our backyard and in the pics above)...but he is obviously a good neighbor...may have to bake him some cookies!


  1. Or perhaps some really hearty chili would do the trick after he is done snowblowing your sidewalks and driveway.

    Vecinos, vecinos -- we have to take the good with the bad and we have been watching a new casa going up right next door for months and hopefully they are rich people from Guadalajara who will only be here on weekends -- except the downside of that is they come here to the Raquet Club on Lake Chapala on weekends to party -- and Mexicanos go till 5 am with really loud musica and the concomitant laughter and singing.
    Tia Stace